Darren Emery MSc
About Cow Whispering
About Cow Whispering

Darren J. Emery "The Cow Whisperer" discovered in the early 1990's that by placing his hand on a Cow's head it can keep it calm, and so 'Cow Whispering' began.

A Cow                                                                                                                                              

Cow Facts

  • Cow's spend 10 to 12 hours per day lying down so need a comfortable area to rest
  • Cows need enough light for them to see and feel happy, if you can read a Newspaper then that is enough light
  • The Concete the Cows stand on must be grippy enough to prevent slipping when walking
  • Try drinking the Cows water, if it is good enough for you then it is good enough for the Cows.

Darren works closely with his sidekick Rocky the and after a hard days "Cow Whispering" Rocky likes nothing better than cooling off down the Beach while Darren "The Cow Whisperer" paddles around a bit.
What a Team.


A Cow like the one that licked Darren in the Mouth

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